Anyone who’s looked up recently has probably witnessed a strange sight circling the skies of Iowa City. We’re talking about Perky, the feathered mascot of Iowa’s only nationally ranked children’s hospital, and Herky’s cousin.

Known for her cheerful demeanor, love of children, and insistence that dinosaurs did indeed have feathers, Perky has been recently spotted flying high over the site of the new, state-of-the-art, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. As the new hospital nears completion and opens in early 2017, Perky is hard at work building her own, state-of-the-art nest to match.

The location of the new nest is still unknown at this point. Mascot wildlife experts predict it will be very close to the new hospital, making it easy for Perky to visit the children and lift their spirits with games of peek-a-boo, musical performances on her favorite xylophone, and free handfuls of bird seed.

So if you see a human-sized bird flying overhead, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably just Perky on her way to pick out new curtains for her nest. Either that or someone brought a pterodactyl back to life and we’re all doomed.