While the idea of a six-year-old child being elected captain of a college football team may seem unlikely to most, the honor is common practice at the University of Iowa. Since 2009, it’s been tradition for an elite group of children to be chosen as Kid Captains for the Hawkeyes.

The Kid Captains for the 2016 season represent perhaps the greatest collection of human beings ever assembled and will inspire anyone who comes into contact with them to such a degree that scientists have officially classified this ability as a super power.

To understand how a group of children could be so incredible we interviewed superheroes from around the world, who, as usual, preferred to remain anonymous.

“People praise me all the time as a hero, but the bravery and courage of these kids makes me seem like a sidekick at best,” said one cape-draped superhero.

“Kids all over have posters of me in their rooms, but in my room, I have a poster of these kids,” said another masked man wearing bright colored tights.

Warning: Do not click this link to learn more about the 2016 Kid Captains unless you are truly prepared to be inspired like never before.

2016 Kid Captains

Kinzie Hemann
● Age: 7
● Hometown: Reinbeck, IA
● Game: Iowa vs Miami of Ohio (9/3/2016)

Parker Kress
● Age: 15
● Hometown: Bettendorf, IA
● Game: Iowa vs Iowa State (9/10/16)

Abigail Hooper
● Age: 12
● Hometown: Des Moines, IA
● Game: Iowa vs North Dakota State (9/17/16)

Liam Young
● Age: 3
● Hometown: Cuba City, WI
● Game: Iowa vs. Rutgers (9/24/16)

Konner Guyer
● Age: 7
● Hometown: Eddyville, IA
● Game: Iowa vs. Northwestern (10/1/16)

Carley Neustel
● Age: 10
● Hometown: Central City, IA
● Game: Iowa vs Minnesota (10/8/16)

Maxwell Stancel-Hess
● Age: 11
● Hometown: Marion, IA
● Game: Iowa vs Purdue (10/15/16)

Emeline Dunham
● Age: 10
● Hometown: Wapello, IA
● Game: Iowa vs. Wisconsin (10/22/16)

Aaron Miller
● Age: 11
● Hometown: Hawkeye, IA
● Game: Iowa vs. Penn State (11/5/16)

Hayden Despenas
● Age: 13
● Hometown: Mason City, IA
● Game: Iowa vs. Michigan (11/12/16)

Madelynn Higbee
● Age: 12
● Hometown: Monmouth, IL
● Game: Iowa vs. Illinois (11/19/16)

Seth Nelson
● Age: 15
● Hometown: Remsen, IA
● Game: Iowa vs. Nebraska (11/25/16)

Reed Havlik
● Age: 3
● Hometown: Jesup, IA
● Game: Iowa vs. Post Season Game