Pediatric specialists forced to gather under new roof by downpour.

As heavy rains hammered Iowa City, experts in every pediatric specialty gathered under one, waterproof roof at the new University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The new hospital proved a great place to keep dry, as it’s the only one in Iowa with such comprehensive capabilities.

The rain caused massive traffic delays, and a marked increase in broken plates as kids were forced to play kickball in their homes. The downpour came suddenly and without warning, as our Aktion News SUPER DUPER RADAR turned out to be nothing more than a metal colander taped to a cardboard box with a hamster inside.

Many Iowa City adults were caught unprepared for the deluge of droplets and frantically ran for cover. But, as one happily drenched fourth grader put it, “It’s just water, what’s the big deal?”

As for the pediatric specialists, who are known for the special training they receive to care for the unique needs of children, like the need for chicken fingers at a five-star restaurant, they remain thoroughly unsoaked. The new hospital opens to the public in early 2017 and promises to keep everyone just as dry as its doctors.

The seven-day forecast shows more rain in our future, though that is subject to change if enough people tell the rain to go away and come back another day.